Hello Winterbot/ Snakesteuben.

I want you to congratulate with you’re bot. There has never been so much activity going on as yesterday and today. That’s very good. I have noticed that you are changing and deleting this template {-fy-}} to ==Frysk==. Maybe you could explain to me why. I didn’t’ make the template’s but I thought this one war rather convenient. If you copie and paste in to a text the template is automatically creating a category. That isn’t only easy fore me but also fore newcomers. What is you’re opinion about that. The other changes you are doing are great.

Greeting from Fryslân. Sonne 27 apr 2008, 08.02 (UTC)

Hee Snakesteuben.

I understand it a little better. I am going to use ==Frysk== and hope that you are cleaning the mess up I am going to leave. Ik winskje dei in soad wille my dien bot. Neffens my giet it goed. I wish you allot of fun with youre bot.

Groet Sonne 27 apr 2008, 16.36 (UTC)

New listBewurkje

Hello Snakesteuben. The new words you are adding are looking great. I hope you can make in all the words a hyperlink to the Frisian words. I made you a new list. This time its Nederlânsk to Frisian. And they are names of plants and animals. Súkses dermei, mei in groet Sonne 5 mai 2008, 13.08 (UTC) The list is here Meidogger:Sonne/this list2


Wat is dit? Kategory:Winterbot Aliter 27 aug 2008, 21.29 (UTC)