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What I was trying to ask forBewurkje

I need the information to make the entry, not the boilerplate text--the boilerplate text is what the bot's for. So let's see if I can explain the difference with some examples. Think of it this way... If you were in my position, what would you want to know?

I assume my Portuguese is better than yours, so here's an example.

Say I just gave you this.

Portuguese             English
laço                   knot

You have know way of knowing whether that's a knot as in tied string, or a distance/speed at sea, or if it's a verb, like to tie in a knot, or both. And if it's a noun, what's the gender? What's the plural form? You either have to ask me, or ...

you have to look it up yourself, like I just did.

Dúts	                                                                        Frysk

Here, you already told me it was German, so you don't have to put that in every line. That doesn't give me information I don't know.

==[[Dútsk]]== === Tiidwurd === Öffnen [[Kategory:Wurden yn it Dútsk]] iepenjen

You do need to tell me whether the word is a noun or a verb. That's information. You don't have to put in equal signs and brackets, that's boilerplate text.

So, here we'll shorten it and tell me: Hey, Winter, If I write haad that means haadwurd. Tiid means tiidwurd.

So instead of using:

==[[Dútsk]]== ===Haadwurd=== Übersicht ({{p}} [[Übersichten]] [[Kategory:Wurden yn it Dútsk]] oersicht

you could convey the same information with

haad           Übersicht Übersichten      oersicht

Ideally the entry might say:

haad Übersicht f Übersichten oersicht

But you left the gender off.

Am I making more sense now? Now hopefully, you have some idea now of what I need and didn't get, and also what I got that I didn't need or want. Next I'll mark up your text specifically.

Snakesteuben 1 mai 2008, 17.04 (UTC)

Errors and omissions in this listBewurkje

X 1. Error in the German portion.

Tiidwurd Öffnen iepenjen
Tiidwurd is correct, but öffnen is a verb, so there should be no capital.

- 2. Omission: Haadwurd Übersicht {{p}} Übersichten oersicht f

You left out the gender. The word is feminine.

X 3. Errors. *Tiidwurd ubertragung o oerbringe

The word is a noun, not a verb. (So also capitalised.) It is spelled with an umlaut. I'm not sure what "o" is supposed to mean, but the gender is feminine. And the missing plural is Übertragungen.

OK 4. This entry is OK. Tiidwurd abbrechen ôfbrekken

- 5. omission Grenze appears to be OK, except you omitted the gender again. It's feminine.

- 6. With Abkürzung, the omitted gender is f, and the omitted plural is Abkürtzungen.

- 7. omission Absatz, the omitted gender is masculine. Otherwise OK.

X 8. Error. Aenderung. There's no reason not to use the normal spelling here. We're not kludging anything. So that's Änderung, missing gender and plural = f, Änderungen.

X 9. Errors. Haadwurd Eigenskipswurd Aktiv. The noun form would be Aktivität (f). Was that what you meant? Or did you mean the adjective?

OK 10. auffrischen seems to be OK.

X 11. aktualisierung might be either a feminine noun misspelled and mislabelled as a verb, or perhaps you really did mean for this to be a verb, in which case the correct word would be aktualisieren. Let me know which you meant.

X 12. Tiidwurd warnhinweis warskôging. The only meaning I can find of this word is a masculine noun, meaning a warning sign. Not a verb. Please clarify.

Well, I've now spent an hour on this. Do you understand what I'm asking for here? Are you willing to give it another go, and see if maybe the rest of the entries give it to me?

Snakesteuben 1 mai 2008, 17.55 (UTC)

Hee Snakesteuben. How are you doing. Here in Fryslân is everything fine. The weather is beautiful. So I won’t be long around. I think the list is okay. I didn’t put in the gender. In the future we can ask in the German wiktionary if anybody wants to help with that. I am going to make a new list. Have a nice day. Greetings Sonne 3 mai 2008, 08.19 (UTC)

Gheheh. I didn't see this before I made all my mods on the main page. :-) So, either read or don't, but please don't delete it; I'll probably enter the ones I fixed eventually. Snakesteuben 4 mai 2008, 01.53 (UTC) Oh, and have fun at the beach or whatever you do. :-) I'm glad you're doing something fun besides this! -Winter

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